We're a Financial Service Institution

About Us

  • Icon Stockbrokers Limited was incorporated on 30th June 1962 under the name “ICON NOMINEES LIMITED”. The company’s name was changed in 1973 to Icon Stockbrokers limited.

    Icon Stockbrokers Limited is duly registered with the securities and Exchange Commission and has attained a position of prominence in the Nigerian Capital Market by virtue of its long standing membership of the council of the Nigerian Stock Exchange and by being instrumental to the listing of a substantial number of the companies quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

    The wealth of experience and expertise are reflected in Icon Stockbrokers Limited’s wide range of financial services, which are tailor-made to meet customers’ financial and investment needs.

  • “To be a leading financial services institution with the most satisfied customers”

  • Company / Offer volume Industry Transaction Role
    Access bank plc 3 billion ord. Shares Financial Services Public Offer Joint Stockbroker
    Oceanic bank plc 3.2 billion ord. Shares Financial Services Public Offer Joint Stockbroker
    Intercontinental bank 2.75 billion ord. Shares Financial Services Public Offer Joint Stockbroker
    Hans Gramlin Ltd 51% equity sale of FGN holding in Capital Hospitality / Tourism Private Placement Joint Financial Advisers
    FCMB Plc 4.5 billion ord. Share Financial Services Listing by Introduction Sponsoring Stockbrokers
    African petroleum plc 216 million ord. Shares Petroleum Marketing Rights Issue Joint Stockbroker
    Fidelity bank plc 8.5 billion ord. Shares Financial Services Listing by Introduction Sponsoring Stockbrokers
    Kwara state government revenue bond 2004/2008 State Government Revenue Bond Joint Issuing House
    Delta state government revenue bond 2003/2007 State Government Revenue Bond Joint Issuing House
  • We executed trades worth USD130 million in 2006 from both our Local and International Clients

    Local Clients

    – CSN Investment Concepts
    – Shell Closed Pension Fund PFA
    – Bureau for Public Enterprise
    – African Petroleum Plc
    – Hans Gramlin Ltd
    – Over 1,000 retail clients and 350 managed accounts.

    International Clients
    These are mostly Hedge Fund Managers in the U.S.

    – Falcon Management Corp.
    – Emerging Sovereign Group
    – Aslan Capital Master Fund
    – Tiedemann Global Emerging Markets LP
    – Bank Investment Management
    – Tudor BVI Global
    – Everest Master Fund
    – Parametrics Portfolio
    – Moon Capital Management
    – RH Capital Associates LLC
    – Cragswood Limited
    – Siebels Emerging Market Equity Fund
    – International Consilium

  • Our Board of Directors

    Mr. P. Eloka Okocha (Chairman)
    The Board of ICON is led by Mr. P. Eloka Okocha. He is the CEO of Chrismatel and Sadiq Petroleum Ltd and also former Chairman of African Petroleum (AP) Plc. An experienced and renowned business man of high repute. He is a graduate of Economics and Business Administration.

    Mr. Chike Nwanze (Vice Chairman / CEO)

    He leads the management team as the Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer . He is also a member of the board of directors.

    Mr. Chike Asiodu (Director)
    He is an experienced professional who has excelled in his chosen endeavour. He is a graduate of Economics and a member of Board of Eternal Oil and Medife Limited.

    Chief Victor Oyolo (Director)
    He is a chartered accountant of many years standing. He seats on the board of many companies which includes Ikeja Hotels (IHL) Limited, Abuja Sheraton Hotels and Ikeja Sheraton Hotels.

    Our Management Team

    Icon is managed by a team of experts led by Mr. Chike Nwanze, a seasoned Investment Banker of over 30years standing.

    Mr. Chike Nwanze (Vice Chairman / CEO)
    Mr. Chike Nwanze holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and also an MBA in Financial Management. His diverse work experience cuts across the oil and gas, banking, and stock broking sectors of the economy. Prior to his current position as vice chairman/CEO, Icon Stockbrokers Limited, he was a general manager with Icon Limited (merchant bankers). Prior to Icon Limited, he worked for Shell oil company in Houston Texas, from 1969 to 1972 before returning to Nigeria in 1972 to join Shell-Bp petroleum Development Co. Nigeria where he was for another three years before moving on to Nigerian Bank for commerce and Industry. He has participated in various workshops, seminars and executive programs, among which are economic development institute of the world bank, industrial projects course and Amos Tuck school of Business Administration, USA just to mention a few.

    He is a fellow of the Institute of Directors, Fellow of the Economic Development Institute (F.E.D.I), Fellow of the chartered Institute of Stockbrokers.

    Mr Chete Nwanze (Chief Operating Officer)
    With a vast Management experience ( over 10 years) encompassing both Information Technology and Finance, he started his career with Compaq Computers in Atlanta GA where he acted as a manager for one of their Internet Service Provider projects. His Finance career started at Nissan on Union city, where he served as a special finance Manager. Prior to joining Icon, he spent 3 years at Vetiva Capital Management Limited.

    Mr. Fidel Ogbechie (Head Capital Market)
    An authorised dealing clerk of the Nigerian stock Exchange, is an associate of both the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers (ACS) and the Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria. Also, he hold a bachelors degree in Economics. Prior to joining Icon in 2001, he has been involved in major landmark transactions within the Capital Market. Mr. Ogbechie has over 18years experience in corporate finance, stock broking and financial advisory services.

    Mr. Igumbor Ben Felix (Head Accounts)
    He is an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ACA) and an Accountancy graduate from the University of Lagos. His diverse work experience. cuts across Insurance, Investment, Auditing and Computer Sectors of the economy. He was the Head life, agency & credit control in Lion of Africa before he joined ICON in 2007

    Mr. Njoku Dennis U (Head Human Resources)
    Prior to ICON, he has worked in the Insurance, Accounting and Auditing sectors of the economy. He holds a Bachelors Degree and a Masters of Business Administration Degree in Management. He was group head Administration Admiral Insurance Company Limited. He has attended various trainings, workshops and seminars on Insurance, Banking and Accounts.

Our Services

  • Stockbroking

    Being a pioneer member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, we have been actively involved in the activities of the Nigerian capital market; especially in the following areas:

    • Dealing in all categories of quoted securities;
    • Introduction of the companies for quotation and admission to the Nigerian Stock Exchange;
    • Consultancy services to foreign investors.

  • Portfolio Management Services

    Portfolio Management Services involving the management of client’s shares/stocks, including individual client resident abroad.

    These services are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of the following:

    • High net worth individuals
    • Pension Fund Managers
    • Insurance Companies
    • Government and their parastatals
    • Other categories of investors

  • Investment Advisory Services

    Advisory Services for funds/investment projects undertaken by clients are offered by Icon Stockbrokers Limited. These services are enhanced by an up-to-date database on securities and viable industrial sub-sectors of the Nigerian economy.

    Icon Stockbrokers Limited successfully operates a comprehensive investment management scheme for clients, which enable investors realize optimum return on investment through provision of vital information on the securities market. Areas featured under the scheme include:

    • Securities analysis and monitoring
    • Sectoral analysis
    • Portfolio review and management
    • “Tailor-made” nominee account services

    Others areas are:

    • Investment / Project appraisal and sourcing of finance

  • Consultancy Services

    At Icon Stockbrokers Limited, the multi-talented professionals provide consultancy services in the areas of:

    • Project feasibility reports preparation
    • Corporate restructuring and reorganization
    • Training and human capital development
    • Business development and relationship managemen

  • Overseas Correspondent

    Icon Stockbrokers Limited has a stockbroking relationship with Merrill Lynch. Through this affiliation, Icon Stockbrokers Limited provides opportunities for major US & UK institutional investors in the emerging Nigerian capital market as well as an outlet for Nigerian investors seeking international opportunities.